27 March 2023

Criteria of Sustainable Development

We are proud to announce that our company has received a certificate of Criteria of Sustainable Development.

What is that?

Sustainable development is one of the top modern trends. It involves well-thought of utilization of resources, including limiting the use of non-renewable raw materials, eliminating environmentally hazardous, toxic or non-recyclable materials from the production process and promoting energy from natural sources.

The EU Directive 2018/2001 REDII sets objectives for the consumption of energy from renewable sources in 2021-2030 and requires meeting criteria of sustainable development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for energy obtained from biofuels, biomass fuels and bioliquids.

The KZR INiG system gives the companies operating in the supply chain of certified fuels the opportunity to demonstrate that they meet the sustainability criteria (KZR), in accordance with the requirements of RED II.

This certificate is included in the list of certification systems recognized by the European Commission.

Why choose our products?

Quality confirmed by european certificates

Experience  from 1975 

Regular quality checks in a modern lab

Pellet without extras. 100% of wood

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