Poltarex Polskie Drewno equals people. It’s young, dynamic and good team.
Commitment and concern for the good of our company  bind us together.
That’s  our biggest strenght.

In 2014, Poltarex Polskie Drewno Sp.z o.o. bought a pellet production plant in Szczytno in Pomerania region.

The main sales market of Pellet Poltarex is Western Europe. The highest quality of our product has been confirmed by ENplus A1 and DINplus certificates.

We use sawdust and pine shavings from permanent, verified suppliers. Thanks to this, we are able to strictly control the raw material.

We check the quality in a modern laboratory, examining each batch of purchased material.

We produce our pellets
from pure pine wood,
without any additives.

Have a look at our company from the inside
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