We are proud to offer you an absolute new product – Diamond pellet. Produced of specially selected joinery sawdust, this product features clearly lighter colour. Buying the certified Diamond pellet you can be sure that:

  •  It was made of pure pine sawdust, without bark, sand or chemical additives
  •  Thanks to the guaranteed high calorific value of fuel, you need smaller amount of it to burn
  •  The heating device you use, will work flawlessly
  •  After burning 1 ton of pellets you will get a minimal amount of ash, below 4 kg
  •  There are no agglomerates blocking a burner forming

Our product is DINplus, ENPlus A1 and FSC ® C123599 certified.

Granulate made of dry, pure sawdust and pine chips.

The product is intended for use in fireplaces, boilers and burners to produce thermal energy.

Pellet Diamond 6 mmEN Plus A1 requirementsDINplus requirements
Diameter:6 ± 1 mm6 - 8mm4 - 10mm
Total humidity:< 6%≤ 10%≤ 10%
Ash content:< 0.4%≤ 0,7%≤ 0,7%
Calorific value:≥ 5,1 kWh/kg≥ 4.6 kWh/kg4,6 - 5,3 kWh/kg
Additives:0%≤ 2%≤ 2%
Unit weight15 kg
Pallet size1,1 x 1,1 m
Bags per layer6
Number of layers11
Bags per pallet990 kg
Pallet heightca. 1,35 m

Pallet protection:
foil hood, stretch foil

We recommend storing pellet in dry rooms, protected against weather conditions, no heating required. Store the goods on pallets

– 15 kg bags

Limited product

Our products
Pellet Premium 6 mm

Certified pine wood pellet, 6 mm diameter, no additives.

Pellet Premium 8 mm

Certified pine wood pellet, 8 mm diameter, no additives.

Pellet FARM

100% natural bedding for home pets and farm animals.

Why choose our products?

Quality confirmed by european certificates

Experience  from 1975 

Regular quality checks in a modern lab

Pellet without extras. 100% of wood

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