Pellet Farm is a 100% natural and ecological breeding bedding, ideal for horses, poultry and other domestic animals. Produced from selected sawdust and pine shavings. The special pelleting process significantly increases absorption and helps effectively absorb unpleasant odours. The high temperature of the granulation process eliminates the occurrence of microorganisms (including E. coli and Salmonella), fungi and mold. Product safety is confirmed by Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory tests.

Choosing Farm bedding pellet you get the product that is:
– highly absorbent
– natural
– not dusty
– hypoallergenic
– biodegradable
– convenient to use
– deodorizing


Pellet Farm
Średnica:6 ± 1 mm
Wilgotność całkowita:< 6%
Zawartość popiołu:< 0.4%
Wartość opałowa:≥ 5,1 kWh/kg
Unit weight15 kg
Pallet size1,1 x 1,1 m
Bags per layer6
Number of layers11
Bags per pallet66
Weight of product on pallet990 kg
Pallet heightca. 1,35 m

Pallet protection:
foil hood, stretch foil

We recommend storing pellet in dry rooms, protected against weather conditions, no heating required. Store the goods on pallets.

Our products
Pellet Premium 6 mm

Certified pine wood pellet, 6 mm diameter, no additives.

Pellet Premium 8 mm

Certified pine wood pellet, 8 mm diameter, no additives.

Pellet Diamond 6 mm

Produced of specially selected joinery sawdust.

Why choose our products?

Quality confirmed by european certificates

Experience  from 1975 

Regular quality checks in a modern lab

Pellet without extras. 100% of wood

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