Poltarex Pellet
Pellet Premium 15kg bag Pellet Premium 15kg bag
Our Pellet Poltarex is a pure pine wood product without any additives.

What is a pellet?

Pellet Poltarex Premium is a new fuel material produced from compressed dry sawdust and shavings. It is a very clean and ecological type of fuel. It comes in a form of pellets with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm and a few centimetres of length.

It is a pure pine wood product without any additives. The binders are the natural components of wood. The cleanness of our fuel is proven by the fact that one ton of the pellets burnt produces less than 4 kg of ash. The ash can be used as a fertilizer for a backyard garden.

Advantages of Pellets

Advantages of pellets have long been appreciated by customers in Western Europe. Now this product is gaining more and more enthusiasts in Poland.

The cost of heating a house is up to twice lower compared to heating with oil or gas.

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Benefits to you

  • Pellet is cheap and widely available.
  • Pellet is clean; it doesn’t stain your hands or rooms where it’s stored.
  • Pellet is packed in handy 15 kg bags...

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Occupational Safety and Health Training

At the end of June all our employees attended an Occupational Safety and Health Training. Main attention was paid to training in medical rescue and firefighting.

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Carrefour International du Bois 30.05 - 01.06.2018 r.

From May 30 to June 01, 2018 one of the major European International Timber Trade Show related to Wooden Structures and Construction took place in Nantes, France, in the Exhibition Park "La Beaujoire".

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