Poltarex Pellet about
Pellet Premium 15kg bag Pellet Premium 15kg bag
Our Pellet Poltarex is a pure pine wood product without any additives.

About the company

The company has been operating in the industry since 1975, as a privately-owned company. Poltarex owns 6 sawmills located in the northern part of Poland. Our total annual input of logs is about 230 000 m3.

We are the leading manufacturer of wood for garden and construction timber in Poland. More than 50% of our production is dispatched to the Western Europe markets, mainly to Germany, Denmark and France.

In 2014 Poltarex Polskie Drewno company acquired a pellet production factory in Szczytno near Przechlewo in the Pomerania region.

Pellet Poltarex is dispatched mainly to the Western Europe markets. It is characterized by the highest quality proved by the certificates (ENplus A1, DINplus no. 7A241)

For production of pellets we use sawdust and chips from processing of wood in our sawmills.

This way we are able to keep constant monitoring of the raw material used for production of the fuel.

Each batch of the delivered sawdust is checked in a modern laboratory which operates in the pellet production factory in Szczytno near Przechlewo.

Chain of our plants