Poltarex Pellet advantages
Pellet Premium 15kg bag Pellet Premium 15kg bag
Our Pellet Poltarex is a pure pine wood product without any additives.

Advantages of Pellets

Advantages of pellets have long been appreciated by customers in Western Europe. Now this product is gaining more and more enthusiasts in Poland. The cost of heating a house is up to twice lower compared to heating with oil or gas.

The price of pellet is comparable with the price of coal, however pellets outmatch coal in cleanness and low content of ash (below 0.4%).

Moisture content of the pellet is less than 6%, whereas in coal and eco-pea coal (due to storage in open air) moisture often amounts to more than 20%. In a 25 kg bag of eco-pea coal there can be more than 5 kg of water. It means that there is that much less coal in a bag and that amount of water needs to evaporate in the process of burning. It takes energy and destroys the boiler.

Pellet can be well used in boilers designed for eco-pea coal applications.