Poltarex Pellet benefits
Pellet Premium 15kg bag Pellet Premium 15kg bag
Our Pellet Poltarex is a pure pine wood product without any additives.

Advantages for you

Pellet in Poland is easily accessible and widely available and it keeps a stable price. It’s our domestic product manufactures in our surrounding – it’s not exported from abroad, where political situation very much effects the price and guarantee of supplies. Pellet is a modern solid fuel in a form of granules, manufactures from pure pine sawdust and shavings, free from any chemical additions – only pressed under high pressure.

The product is packed in 15 kg bags which makes it possible for anyone to fill the boiler hopper with their hands and clothes staying clean. This operation also doesn’t require too much of your precious time which you can spend in another pleasant way e.g. with friend, family or doing your favourite sport and etc.

While filling the hopper with pellet you will feel a pleasant smell and aroma typical for wood.

Handy bags make it possible to store the fuel in many different ways. The rooms where pellet is stored are neither dusty, dirty nor contaminated.

More and more people are paying attention to ecology and environment. It became of a great importance to us to watch what we use to heat our houses or what colour of smoke is coming out of our chimneys.

Therefore we can expressly announce that we are dealing with a renewable energy source. Pellet does not emit any onerous aromas nor substances that are harmful to health. The smoke coming out of the chimney is fine and white or is not visible at all, and the chimney looks as if it has never been used. A tiny amount of ash that is produced after combustion of pellet can be used as a natural fertilizer in our home gardens.