Poltarex Pellet offer
Pellet Premium 15kg bag Pellet Premium 15kg bag
Our Pellet Poltarex is a pure pine wood product without any additives.


We provide certified pellet of the highest quality.

Buying our Poltarex Premium Pellet with the certificates ENplus A1, DINplus you can be sure that:

  1. The fuel is made of pure pine sawdust without bark, sand or any addition of chemical compounds.
  2. With the guarantee of high calorific value of the fuel you will burn a small amount of it.
  3. Your heating unit will work without failures.
  4. After combustion of 1 ton of pellets you get a tiny amount of ash - less than 4 kg.
  5. There is no sinter left which could block the burner.

Parameters of our fuel

  • Total moisture: < 6%
  • Heating value: ≥ 5,1 kWh/kg
  • Ash content: < 0,4%
  • Additives: 0%

Types of packaging

15kg bags – 66 bags per pallet = 990 kg.

Big bags – about 1000 kg.

Bulk – delivered by tank truck with a pneumatic unloading.