14 September 2021

ENPlus Training

Another training for ENplus® representatives took place on 7-8/09/2021 in Spytkowice, in cooperation with the Polish Pellet Council and the company Biocontrol Sp z o.o. Gdynia.

Two-day training workshops on behalf of the EPC were conducted by:

– Agnieszka Kędziora-Urbanowicz, vice president of the Polish Pellet Council, authorized auditor of ENplus / DINplus systems, expert in quality management systems and factory production control;

– Marcin Łazicki, long-term pellet production manager, expert in granulation and production management.

According to the guidelines, this periodic training is mandatory for manufacturers whose products are ENPlus certified.

During the seminar, the condition of the Polish pellet industry in comparison to Europe and the world was presented, as well as the directions of changes in the ENplus® standard.

Participants were pleased to visit a modern pellet production plant and conduct research on the basic parameters of pellets.

From January 2022, changes in the requirements of the ENPlus standard will be implemented, and further training is still ahead of us.

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