24 June 2022

The 7th Pellet Forum


On the 20th of June, a two-day meeting of representatives of the pellet industry began in Warsaw.

The programme of the 7th Pellet Forum was divided into 3 thematic sessions. The most important of them is the current situation of pellets in Poland and Europe during the war and its impact on the market.

Difficulties with access to raw material, rapidly rising production costs as well as regulating prices for other fuels without pellets are the main problems of the industry.

However, experts unanimously consider pellets to be the fuel of the future.  It is the best, independent and environmentally friendly solution for individual users and the energy industry.

But in which direction will Europe go? Ban the use of gas, oil and coal in new investments from 2030. Ban the sale of diesel cars since 2035.  Zero emissions since 2050.
Determined implementation of the assumptions or energy compromise. To these difficult questions, we tried to find an answer.

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