28 February 2020

Changes in the Clean Air programme

Clean Air is a program that aims to decrease the amount of dust and other pollution produced by single-family houses.
In Poland, 3.5 out of 5.5 mln single-family houses still have timeworn heating furnaces installed. The needs are actually enormous.
Unfortunately, the program has several disadvantages. Too long time of application processing and too few information desks are the reasons why, in view of assumed 3 mln heating boilers (in 2018-2028), there have been only 70 thousand agreements signed so far (with the total of 118 thousand submitted applications).
This week, Piotr Woźny, the President of the National Fund for Environment Protection and Economy, announced changes in the program to be introduced.
These including:
– simplification and accelerating applications submitting and processing
– possibility of submitting applications online
– loans from the voivodeship funds for environment protection shall be granted through municipalities
– inclusion of banks into the programme.

We would like to remind you that the program covers e.g. exchange of boilers also for those using forest biomass, compliant with the European norms (Directive 2009/125/WE).

More information on the planned changes have been published by the local government portal.


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