Recognized pellet producers have ENplus A1 and DINplus certificates, which confirmed the highest quality of fuel.

Certificates are issued by German institutions (PCU Deutschland GmbH and DIN CERTCO) and relate
to pellets, which after extensive testing obtain the best parameters. Such pellets are distinguished by a very high calorific value and the smallest possible ash content.

Manufacturers holding the above-mentioned certificates are subject to systematic controls by internal and external auditors. This gives the customers a guarantee of security of supply and repeatability of the product in each batch produced.

What to look for when buying pellets?

  1. Look for pellets in specially marked packages..
  2.  Check on the packaging who the fuel producer is and whether they have appropriate certificates (ENplus A1, DINplus). Important – certificates should include the manufacturer’s number.
  3. Do not buy pellets of unknown origin in packaging that does not bear the manufacturer’s name or logo.
  4. 4. Check fuel parameters on the packaging. Good pellets have a calorific value above 18 500 kJ / kg, and the ash content does not exceed 0.4%.

Poltarex Premium pellet meets all the above mentioned requirements.

Using Poltarex Premium pellet you can be sure that you are using product of the highest quality.

Why choose our products?

Quality confirmed by european certificates

Experience  from 1975 

Regular quality checks in a modern lab

Pellet without extras. 100% of wood

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