16 May 2024

FIREBOX wooden briquettes

In our offer you will now find a ready fireplace set FIREBOX.

It includes

  • Wooden briquettes – ecological solid fuel made of naturally pressed pine sawdust, that comes in a cylindric form. There are no binding substances used in the production of the briquette, which is why it is environment-friendly.
  • Eco kindling – safe and non-toxic, made of wood wool and natural wax. 100% natural product.

Advantages of the FIREBOX set

  • easy to use – buying our ready set you’ll get briquette with kindling. Just set it on fire and enjoy the warmth of a real fire.
  • it’s tidy – you can place the boxes where they are supposed to go, they don’t take much space and the briquette is not going to fall down
  • no waste – you will burn the full set including the carton box in a fireplace, so there is no foil or cardboard packaging left
  • environment-friendly – all components used for producing the FIREBOX are 100% natural

Why choose our products?

Quality confirmed by european certificates

Experience  from 1975 

Regular quality checks in a modern lab

Pellet without extras. 100% of wood

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